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 At Adventures in Art, our mission is to offer our clients the best wedding, boudoir, lifestyle and senior portrait photography available, to create artwork and experiences they will never forget, and to leave a positive and lasting impression with the families we interact with. In addition, we strive to produce digital photography and artwork that showcases the beauty of the world around us, through landscape, wildlife, and editorial photography through our stock portfolio.


Our vision is our roadmap to success and guides every aspect of our business, by describing the specific goals we need to achieve on an ongoing basis in order to attain sustainable growth, while staying true to our creative and artistic sensibilities.
 -       Network – create relationships with vendor partners, suppliers and customers to nurture a mutually creative environment
-        Sustainability – be a responsible citizen of planet Earth by creating sustainable communities and striving to conserve natural resources to the best of our ability
-        Flexibility – be adaptable to changing customer preferences, market and industry trends, and availability or accessibility of resources.
-        Portfolio – create works of art and value-added products that anticipate and satisfy clients’ desires and needs.

About Adventures in Art

Both Michael and Christine were born in the Seattle area, and have lived in the Northwest for most of their lives. The rugged, outdoors-oriented culture of the Pacific Northwest has led them to seek adventure in all their travels, both within their home state as well as abroad.

Michael's travels around the world have shown him the beauty and complexity of nature, as well as the beauty that can be found in man's relation to the planet. His travels have also highlighted the diversity of the human form, and he strives to capture the beauty that lives within each one of us.