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Boudoir photo sessions can happen in our studio, in your home, or on location at a boutique hotel. Private sessions typically last about three and a half hours and include professional hair styling and makeup (boudoir parties are longer and depend on the number of people involved, but each person still gets professional hair and makeup, and around an hour in front of the camera) Because we are an experience-oriented studio, we are dedicated to ensuring you have a fun and energy-filled shoot that will leave you feeling sexy, jazzed up and unable to wait to see the images we've captured during your session! On top of all that, we offer one-of-a-kind photo albums and a wide range of prints and products that we're sure you'll be proud to have in your home and to show to all your friends! Interested? Contact us to book a session or to learn more details today!

So what is boudoir? Nothing less than a celebration of your beauty and sensuality!  For you, a regular portrait session just doesn't showcase how gorgeous you are, how confident and self-assured you are, how much inner power you possess. Just sitting on a chair in your Sunday best doesn't really tell the story of how much fun you are, doesn't show how sexy you can be, or reveal the little streak of mischief you have inside you. 

My boudoir clients are not supermodels or Hollywood celebrities; they're regular people like you and me, who want to take a few hours for themselves to not only look good but to really FEEL sexy, and to re-connect with their sensual side. I help you relax and just have fun with the experience, and through my photography, we'll work together to show you how fabulous you really are!

Show us your fabulous self!