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Mike is more than happy to come to the stable where you train to photograph you and your horse in action! He can do both video as well as still photo, and offers a wide array of prints and products to decorate your home and accessorize your equestrian lifestyle! Commemorate important training milestones, or simply enjoy a glamour session with your four-hoofed friends! Contact us to discuss details!

Mike and Chris have been involved in the dressage world for a number of years, and this has afforded Mike the opportunity to hone his skills at action and sports photography and videography. His work has been praised by numerous clients for its clarity and attention to detail. Whether you're a professional athlete or a hobbyist, crisp and accurate photos and video of your performance is both an invaluable training tool and a keepsake of important events in your sports career. 

Equestrian and Sports Photography and Video