Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What kind of photography do you do?
2. I love your art and landscape photography. Is any of it available for sale?
3. What is the difference between studio and location photography sessions?
4. What is a destination shoot?
5. My daughter/son is a high school junior or senior, and I'd like get some senior portraits done. How does that usually work?
6. What should I bring to my photography session?
7. What is included in the session fee? What's not included?
8. We're getting married soon. What kind of services can you offer us?
9. What is a boudoir shoot? Is that like a glamour shoot?
10. Do you photograph babies? How about pets?
11. How long after a photo session before I can look at my images?
12. I have a photo of my own I really like. Can you print it out for me?
13. Can I share the images with my friends?
14. Can I get digital negatives from my session?
15. Do I have to sign a model release? Why do you have them?
What kind of photography do you do? A little of everything. I do high school senior portraits, fashion and lifestyle photography, boudoir shoots, family portraits, even pet and sports photography. In what free time I have, I also travel to get wildlife and landscape photography, which I sell separately on my stock photography site. Also available are some of my art photography.

I love your art and landscape photography. Is any of it available for sale? I only maintain a stock photography site at the moment, which can be found at If you're interested in a print of anything displayed there, contact me at and I'll respond as soon as I can with current pricing on prints (I like to pass on savings from any prints sales that happen to be going on at the vendors I use)

What is the difference between studio and location photography sessions? Photo sessions on location tend to be longer than studio sessions because of privacy issues (we have to find somewhere to change outfits), travel time, and because they are less convenient (in studio, I can grab lenses and extra lighting off my shelf, but on location, I have to carry it all with me). However, I prefer to shoot on location whenever possible because there are endless possibilities for background scenery and elements in the environment for you to interact with as a model (whereas in the studio, I have a limited number of backdrops and props to choose from)

What is a destination shoot? A destination shoot is a location session that is further afield (i.e. outside of the Seattle metropolitan area). It potentially costs more because I have to travel to the location, possibly having to pay for lodging and meals depending on the location, and if the destination is somewhat remote (say, in some wilderness area or out in the country), may require additional equipment to make it happen. To reduce costs, I would suggest doing a destination shoot with several friends, so you can spread the expense out between everyone involved; each person may have less time in front of the camera than if it were just one subject, but at least the overall experience would be affordable.

My daughter/son is a high school junior or senior, and I'd like get some senior portraits done. How does that usually work? Senior portraits are some of the most fun shoots I have to offer. I will typically discuss the shoot ahead of time by phone, and then on the day of the shoot, we will meet at my studio first so we can look at the wardrobe you've selected and pick three outfits that we will work with, as well as any makeup and hair styling. If it's a location shoot, we will then travel to the location and spend about two and a half hours, with outfit changes (I have a portable changing room I bring with me if no facilities are available for it). After we're all done shooting for the day, I reserve two weeks to edit and select all the photos (a typical session results in maybe 500-600 shots, which I usually pare down to around 150-200 keepers that I will then edit and create final images), and we'll schedule a time for you to come back to my studio to view the photos. There is no obligation to buy anything, but if you choose to order prints or products, we can discuss it at this time, and we will assist you throughout the selection process to pick the best shots and the right package to fit your sense of style and your budget.

What should I bring to my photography session? Depending on the type of session, I typically suggest choosing at least five full outfits (dress or shirt and pants, shoes, any accessories like scarves, jewelry, hats, etc.), of which we'll usually pick three to work with. You can bring more, but just remember you're going to have to lug all that into my studio. If you have certain props you'd like to incorporate into the shoot, be sure to mention that ahead of time so we can discuss whether they're necessary or really appropriate for the look we decide to work on. If you choose to do your own makeup at home prior to the shoot, I suggest bringing a few things to touch up your makeup between outfit changes, in case anything gets smudged.

What is included in the session fee? What's not included? My session fee covers my time during the photo shoot, as well as the time required to edit photos and meet with you to view them. It does not include any prints or products (except for certain package deals in which a limited number of prints may be included in the price; this will be clearly spelled out in the conditions of the package). My session fee also dose not include professional makeup or hair styling, which is a separate fee paid directly to the artists involved; they do not work for me, and I only arrange for them to be there for your shoot. Most of my makeup artists and hair stylists charge between $50 - $70 apiece for their services, and take around 30-45 minutes each to do their work prior to the start of a shoot or leaving for the location.

We're getting married soon. What kind of services can you offer us? Congratulations! I can be available for engagement photo shoots as well as for your wedding day and reception. (I've even heard of a fairly new practice of hiring vacation photographers, where a professional photographer follows you around on your honeymoon, so you can focus on having fun and someone ELSE is responsible for capturing all those moments on film... I'd be delighted to go with you and take your snapshots for you, but I  hope it's someplace warm!). Since there are a number of variables involved, I cannot quote a set session fee, but I can give you a total for my time for whatever types of photo sessions you'd like to hire me for, and we'll schedule separate viewings following each session (if it's five months between your engagement and your wedding, you wouldn't want to wait half a year before you see any of your photos, would you?) As always, there is no obligation to buy anything following any of the photo sessions and viewings, but I have a range of prints and products available if you do wish to order anything, including custom-designed wedding albums and distinctive photo products to immortalize your big day.

What is a boudoir shoot? Is that like a glamour shoot? Not exactly, though they can be similar in style, and it depends on who you ask. To me, a glamour shoot is a full fashion editorial-style photo shoot, with makeup and hair, very location oriented and lots of attitude. A boudoir shoot is an adult photo session that explores my client's sexy side. Although not necessarily involving nude work, boudoir photography can include some nudity if you're comfortable with it; it always focuses on sensuality and fun. These can either take place in my studio, at the client's home, or often in a boutique hotel, and usually run about two to three hours in length (except for group shoots, which are longer but dedicate a shorter amount of time for each person). See my boudoir page for more details.

Do you photograph babies? How about pets? Food styling? How about my stamp collection?  Sure! I don't promise a set number of images from baby or pet photo sessions, because they are both somewhat unpredictable. They can happen either in my studio, your home or possibly on location, and take about two hours. I ask that your baby is dressed in whatever outfit you'd like to start in before the shoot, and we'll only do one outfit change (it's an uncommon baby who's willing to sit much longer than that), or if we're doing pet portraits, grooming is done ahead of time.  I will accept specialty assignments on a case-by-case basis.

How long after a photo session before I can look at my images? I reserve two weeks for photo editing; this gives me time to do a deep dive into your images and create photographic art that I believe will become family heirlooms you will treasure for years to come.

I have a photo of my own I really like. Can you print it out for me? I cannot print out your photo for you, because it is far simpler and less expensive for you to do it yourself. If you want me to take the image and retouch it or create artwork from it, we can discuss whether I can do anything for you.

Can I share the images with my friends? Once you've viewed your photos, many of my packages include web galleries and Facebook albums. Web galleries feature all the "keeper" images from your session, and allow your friends and family to purchase prints and products for themselves. Facebook albums typically display the images of which you've ordered prints and products, and are optimized for online viewing (typically watermarked with my studio name) I can also make a video slideshow of some of the best images from your photo session that you can show your friends and family as well.

Can I get digital negatives from my session? I do not offer digital negatives, because I focus on producing photographic artwork meant for display in the home as treasured keepsakes and family heirlooms. Based on the experience of many photographers, many people start off with every intention of printing their own photos following a photo shoot, but the disc might be shown a few times to family and friends and then end up in a drawer somewhere, never to looked at again. My intention is for the best images from your session to be proudly displayed in your home for years to come, and just giving you a disc of files is not a good way to do that, and doesn't give you good value for your money.

Do I have to sign a model release? Why do you have them? You do not have to sign a model release, but I appreciate it if you choose to do so. I prefer to use real clients in my promotional materials and on my website because I want people to see the kind of photography I do when working with real people. I don't work with alien supermodels with high-cheekbones and zero-percent body fat, I work with everyday human beings with life experiences and character and soul in their faces. In exchange for allowing me to use your images in any future promotional materials or publications, I will typically offer some free prints; we can discuss the details when you book your session.