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A Heart of Gratitude

Wow, how is it already the end of November? I am still stuck in September somehow?! Time is a funny thing...we hurry, we are busy...rushing to the next big thing, Yet I am noticing more and more how many things I am missing along the way!

This oil painting, "On the Seine", is the demo for my new "Painting from a Photo in Oil" course. It is from a trip to Paris more than several years ago...a fleeting moment where I was cruising on the Seine with a dear friend, capturing as much of Paris as I could on my blink of a trip. It was amazing how much my camera captured that I was not even aware of! Looking over these older photos I am finding so many lost treasures!

I pulled out my calendar to organize next years events, and realized that when I was done planning, it almost felt like I was already short on time, already exhausted for the next year...and it hadn't even happened yet? I hadn't built in any time to travel, rest, enjoy life. Wait, what? Is it possible that in the planning I am missing the big picture? With a business, I want to be intentional, and yet leave time for God to guide hear his voice. Yep, I was going 100 mph again - looking to fill my plate back up and then, when I felt overwhelmed, try and check in with God.

So I am doing a renewing of my mind....again! Yes, I believe it is a process, one where we peel back layers and layers, each time getting a little closer to God. I am so excited for the things God has put into motion for my art business, and if I am honest, a little bit nervous! It seems to always come back to trust for me - is this one thing on my plate enough? Is it really from God just because it seems like a good idea? Well, I know God will be with me whether I choose wisely or not, (empty plate or full); He is just that awesome! But where does that leave me in my decision making? Well, my perfectionism and performance mindset creep back in the most when I am feeling tired and run down. I end up caught in the race, afraid to say no, or miss an opportunity.

I have been making decisions this way my whole life...running on empty. It is time to relax, trust in God for my provision. To fill my tank more than once a year and travel more. God's Love is abundant and rather than decide things from an exhausted mind of scarcity, it is time to start receiving that abundant love everyday and operating out of it! There is enough, for everyone of is not a competition! That flow is magical and so peaceful...there is no panic or loss of opportunity here...only gratefulness.

It is possible to do this and never travel anywhere. It is a mindset.... wherever you are (in life or on this planet). I am approaching the rest of this year and next with a heart of gratitude. I am grateful for all of you, and so grateful for God and being able to CoCreate with Him. Whew, what a beautiful year, with so much promise for next year!!! Thank you!!

Grace and Peace,

Beth Affolter

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