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About Adventures in Art

I'm a realist and enjoy painting and spending time with God, using both water based oils and acrylics. I have painted more traditional works for years, however, I am now enjoying the more contemporary side of art exploring many new techniques. Texture and color are fun and apparent in my latest works while city nightlife and neon colors are often my inspiration. I paint on large hollow wood panels, allowing the texture of the raised gesso and paint to be an integral part of the painting. My art is completely original, either from life or my own photographs. With a BFA in Graphic Design and Studio Art from UGA and a Masters of Education from Lipscomb University, my background as a professional artist ranges from working as an art director in both Europe and the U.S. to teaching art in a public high school, community outreach and holding workshops for all ages. I would love to connect with you about all of your art dreams! -Beth Affolter


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Looking for Community?

If you're looking to embrace your creativity with others on this journey, I'd love to invite you to our free private community. Here we share inspiration, help motivate, and co-create together.

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