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Stepping Out into Something New - Art Classes Near Me (well you!)

Hey Everyone, has been a minute! I have been stepping out into "something new" for the last two years, and I still feel like I am at the beginning! I am also very aware of how much things are changing and evolving all around me, but not quite for me...yet. We are still looking for land or a small house near by (Spring Hill, TN) to create an "art house" to Cocreate with God, have classes. collaborate with other artists, etc. Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Have you ever been in a transition of life where you are not where you were, but not yet where you are hoping to be? It is not limbo really, it is just that season between seasons. A time to cultivate your soil, plant seeds and pull out the weeds, as you move forward. Releasing to receive is about letting go of the old, so you can prepare and receive the new. However, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that it is not always an instant, or even a fast thing! Ahhh, but God... Your timing is always perfect, for so many reasons I cannot always see.

I love this quote from one of Matt Tommey's recent Facebook posts...

"Kingdom Lesson: comparing your start in a new season to the ending success of your old season, is a sure recipe for frustration and overwhelm.  You must be willing to give yourself permission to start small, not despising the day of small beginnings.  All your success from the last season started with a seed. You must be willing to plant a new seed and let it grow. The first year or two may not seem like anything is happening, but through faithful cultivation, your seed will mature and evolve into a healthy, vibrant expression of the kingdom of God in your life."

Wow, that makes so much sense - not comparing, not getting frustrated by small beginnings. This encourages me and reminds me that in our world of instant gratification, it is ok to wait...especially for God. It is also ok to step out into faith and go the wrong way, get stuck or even have to start over again correcting the course. I heard this over the weekend, and it really made sense to me. If you are complacent, or even comfortable, you are not taking those steps out in faith to where God is calling you. Yikes, that really resonated with me. If we are not willing to be uncomfortable, we are not able to grow.

So, I am working on my patience and prayer. Actually, I am just not giving up - showing up each day and doing the work. Trusting. Digging deeper into my relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy takes time; it is a journey. And if you know me, you know I've loved my detours, distractions and shiny new things to achieve! So as I mature in my walk with Christ, I am more and more able to focus on the things He has for me, to cultivate my new garden more efficiently and effectively. Remembering starting small is ok, my identity is grounded in Him, and that He gets all the Glory and Praise. I have realized that when we cocreate together we are the most connected, it is where I fill my tank. Because without God, I could not do any of this!

So if you are feeling led to try something new, to step out in faith, I would love to encourage you to trust in God and go for it! Maybe it is even taking a new class and spending more time with God. It is Fall after all and school has started back (well ok, August is always going to be summer for me). The air is filled with excitement and the promise of a new adventure is in every day! I am going to be grateful and embrace every single moment!

Grace and Peace,


If you are interested in any "art classes near me" options, click below - or reach out and let me know what you'd like to see! I have a jewelry making class coming up and I cannot wait to Cocreate with God, and make shiny new things!!! I also am starting up my Monday afternoon kids classes and Tuesday afternoon adult classes! I am also open to

creating a class, just for you! Click below for more information!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!! Hope to see you soon!!


Looking for Community?

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