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What Does Cocreating With God Look Like?

Cocreating with God is all about inviting the Holy Spirit into the process of creating something with you! It can be anything you create: dinner, a playlist, your schedule, a painting, or even a blog post. I have been a professional artist for years, and while I always believed in God, I had no idea how important it was to include Him in my creative life! It is funny, but I always kept my church life separate from the rest of my life. It was formal and I never knew God was so tangible. I was raised this way, but I am certain my parents didn't really know anything else. However, I now know our creativity is from God and part of our DNA: We were created in His image (Genesis 1). I believe God desires a relationship with us, as a friend and partner - that is why the Holy Spirit is already in us! So you might be asking, if He is already in us, why do we need to invite Him? Well, I just love that God has equipped us with everything we need by already placing it in us. However, we must be aware of it to access it - that is how the relationship works! God doesn't knock us down and force us into the relationship - we have to want it!! I do believe that for most of my life, the Holy Spirit in me, along with many guardian angels, have kept me from a lot of misfortune! However, now that I am aware of God's presence - I am ready to harness the full power of God in me!! My heart yearns for this relationship - where I am heard, loved unconditionally, and seen - and there is nothing I can do to lose it. God is walking with me to live out my dreams - the ones that He gave me. Inspiration comes from God and is "the bridge between heaven and earth" (Stephen Roach). While I have invited Him into all of areas of my life, it is in my creative endeavors that I have really seen the most peace, fulfillment and growth. Here are a few steps to help you cocreate with God!

Step 1: Say a prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to join you this morning (or anytime of the day really). It doesn't need to be a formal prayer - there is no wrong way to pray to God - the Holy Spirit is translating it for you anyway!!! Here is a version of what I say:

"Heavenly Father, please fill me with Your Holy Spirit today, in every part of my heart and soul completely. I ask that today we create together and You guide me as I open up to You! Please use this creation to bless those around me and continue to glorify Your name. I thank you Father God, for this beautiful relationship with You and this time we spend together. I praise Your Holy name, Amen"

Step 2: Visualize God listening to you and smiling - maybe it is Father God, fully robed in bright white, so illuminated you can hardly see His face, His arms reaching out ready to give you a hug. Maybe it is Jesus, reaching His hand out to you to take a walk through the garden and listen excitedly to your ideas. Maybe it is a peaceful white dove sitting on a branch intently hearing your every word. Spend some time with God journaling, listing to His still quiet voice, reading a devotion, or even singing to worship music - find what works for you! Write it on your calendar so it is important and you don't forget. The amount of time is up to you! I might start with 15 minutes each morning, but be willing to keep going if you feel led! Anything new takes a few weeks to really master, so go easy on yourself and just start again if you forget or get off track!! Remember God already loves you unconditionally.

Step 3: Create something with the Holy Spirit - anything you make counts (yes, even a menu for dinner, or a spreadsheet). Talk with Him!! Ask Him questions and thank Him!!! Yes, this could sound to others like you are talking to yourself - who cares - you know it is a big part of your relationship building! You will get answers, you will just have to be open minded about how you get them! I find God answers me by giving me the answer in my mind - an idea. I hear a song over and over, or see the answer in something around me. Sometimes I can just feel excitement and know it is the right direction. Other times, I just have an overwhelming sense of peace about what I think is the next step. But even if you are not sure - continue on, knowing and trusting that God is with you in any direction you take.

When you believe and know God is with you no matter what, you can choose and create more freely! It is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, cocreating with God!


Looking for Community?

If you're looking to embrace your creativity with others on this journey, I'd love to invite you to our free private community. Here we share inspiration, help motivate, and co-create together.

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