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Fine Art vs Fun Art - what's the difference?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Yes, it really is a trick question, since I believe just about everything qualifies as art. There is functional art, fun art and fine art. Think about it: everything you wear, sew, write, eat, buy, feel, listen to, live in or look at was originally created by someone! Now, some of it is very practical, like your shoes or your sofa. However, we have all seen some shoes (and sofas) that are a little too crazy to use! And if you have been fortunate enough to travel and see an art museum, you know it can often leave you with more questions than answers! Art is subjective, and certainly personal - as I believe it should be!!!

So, what Is the difference between “Fun” art and “Fine“ Art you ask? Well…for myself, all art should be fun - making it, looking at it, etc. However, there is some art that definitely has a more serious side. So here is my take on it!

Fine Art - usually collectable in nature and increases in monetary value as time and demand move forward. The subject matter is usually more traditional and portrayed in a medium more typical of the “masters". (oil and acrylic paint, water color, bronze sculpture, etc.). The technical skill is most likely higher to achieve the desired outcome - creating more value right away. Also, the art is more original, not reproduced over and over - there is only one original.

Fun Art - could be collectible and increase in monetary value as time and demand move forward, however, could also just be in the moment and even be disposable! The cost is usually lower than fine art, but not

always! Materials could be anything - recycled to oil paint - really anything goes here! Subject matter could also be more whimsical, but does not have to be. Fun art follows the trends and isn’t afraid of changing direction or experimentation! It is also about repetition and reproducing art in a way that can be less unique (same image but different color background).

Because there are so many types of art, the possibilities are endless!

When God created the world and all that is in it, he gave us so many varieties (even within each species) that we could never tire of seeing his beauty and creativity. God is the ultimate creator and because we are made in the image of God, (Genesis 1:27) I believe we are co-creators with him. Creativity is a gift we are ALL born with. Creative expression is a way of connection and fellowship with God, and really all of creation. So whether you are creating a casserole, building a house or viewing a painting, stop, relax and enjoy every part of the creative process because you are an artist!!!


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